The guys got a big kick out of this latest update in the Butt Chugging saga coming out of the University of Tennessee.

One of the UT students and frat boys that's deeply mired in the recent controversy over the alcohol enemas, spoke out on campus with his lawyer, delivering a press conference to the media. And it's just as hilarious as you would expect.

First of all, the young man's name is Alexander Broughton. BROUGHTON! His name might as well be Alexander Fratsworth. Or Chugginton. Or SupManningham.

After doing his best to keep his chest puffed while reading from a sanctimonious statement clearly prepared by his lawyer, a reporter asked Broughton, "can you clarify what did happen that day?"

His response? "It's a long story."

"That dude is awesome, man," said Zane, reacting to what is definitely the best part of the video.

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