Free Beer, Hot Wings and Zane welcomed lead singer Jacoby Shaddix and drummer Tony Palermo from Papa Roach to the show this morning. The band was calling in to promote their new album, 'The Connection,' that is in stores now.

Free Beer started things off by reading a statement from Shaddix regarding the album that said, "this is a snapshot of me in a dark time."

"I was going through hell making this record, straight up," said Shaddix, expounding on the statement. "My personal life was in complete, utter shambles." Shaddix went on to say that the best way he could deal with his troubles was to write about it.

Free Beer then asked drummer Tony Palermo what it was like to watch his friend struggle.

"It was rough, man. But we stick together and do what we got to do," said Palermo. "We knew that we'd come out strong. And here we are on the other side."

Zane then wanted to know if anyone "got punched in the face" during all of the band's drama.

They said there weren't any band fights that got in the way, but Shaddix said that he did feel like he got punched in, let's say... a sensitive area.

In case you missed it, the full interview is online now over at Free Beer and Hot Wings.

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