Thanks to the tireless efforts of the good people at Gawker, the guys discussed an Important News Issue today, diving deep into the topic of butt chugging. What is butt chugging, you ask? Well, at first the guys were not sure either.

"Why must there always be butt involved," asked Hot Wings.

"They're not drinking it out of there, right," Zane added.

Well, there's only one way to clear up this confusion. Thank goodness we have professional news anchor Anderson Cooper to part the clouds and open us up to the intricacies of this stupid practice.

"Do you need it that much faster you stupid idiots? Just drink it," said Hot Wings.

However, the unfortunate events at the University of Tennessee are not something new. It turns out that Gakwer has been on the butt chugging beat for a while now, having filed this report back in 2010.

We think that if frat boys really want to take their chugging exploits to the next level, they should study up on this instead. Now that's chugging.


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