You knew he'd be back.

This morning Free Beer, Hot Wings and Zane talked about Arnold Schwarzenegger's recent appearance on 60 Minutes, where the former Governator talked with Leslie Stahl about his many affairs and managed to promote his book 'Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story' at the same time.

They guys didn't hold anything back when talking of the Austrian Adonis, taking him to task for his child out of wedlock and all of the cheating he'd done in the past.

"He acts like he's ashamed of it, but he's an egomaniac," said Hot Wings, who also gave Arnold some flack recently for his voice mail contest.

"Why would I think that one of the most powerful men in Hollywood would sleep with an ugly housekeeper," said Free Beer.

"Why do these people get married in the first place," said Zane, wondering why Arnold decided to tie the know with now ex-wife Maria Shriver.

"Their egos are built in such a way that they need constant validation," said Hot Wings, responding to Zane.

 We'll say this - the man has always been a savvy promoter. Even back in the days of of the bodybuilding documentary Pumping Iron,  you could see how Arnold was constantly pumping up not only his body, but his reputation as well. Arnold was, and still is, his own hype man.

Check out the full interview below:

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