The Free Beer and Hot Wings Morning Show welcomed Greg the lawyer to the program this morning to do battle with Zane in this new-look installment of Dumber Than Zane Trivia. Greg was playing for the good people of St. Cloud, Minnesota.

Following the controversy from last week, when Eric the Mechanic was accused of cheating to win, the guys have implemented a new system involving Go To Meeting. From this point forward, all Dumber Than Zane contestants will have to videoconference while participating, to make sure they're not cheating.

Thanks to generous donations from everyone on the show, the grand total was up to $6,000 in prize money!

After winning the toss, Greg elected to go second. Zane did not like his chances.

Question 1: Who composed the music for the rock opera 'Jesus Christ Superstar'? - Zane

Seemingly already psyched out of the match, Zane did not like this first question. He took a wild guess and went with "Pete Townshend" to miss this first question. With an opportunity to steal, Greg missed his chance with an incorrect guess of "Hammerstein." Hot Wings then chimed in with the correct answer: Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Question 2: A candle and barbed wire appears on the logo of which human rights group? - Greg

Greg was able to answer "Amnesty" right away to take a 1-0 lead.

Question 3: Damascus is the capital of what country? - Zane

Zane also rattled off a quick answer with "Syria" to even it up at 1-1.

Question 4: What chemical element was formerly known as brimstone? - Greg

Greg didn't take long to get this one either: "sulfur."

Question 5: What actor played Dylan on 'Beverly Hills 90210'? - Zane

Zane surprisingly missed this one with an incorrect guess of "Jason Priestley." Greg was able to steal after answering "Luke Perry." Things were moving fast at this point, with Greg already staked to a 3-1 lead.

Question 6: Which statesman developed the idea of the United States of Eurpoe a few months after the end of the second World War? - Greg

Greg's a lawyer, so he should get this one, right? They know their history and stuff. After a bit of deliberation, Greg took a guess with "Marshall," thinking it might have something to do with the Marshall Plan. While an informed guess, it was not right, and Zane was able to steal with the correct answer, "Winston Churchill."

Question 7: What do the initials "PSP" stand for on the game console? - Zane

Back on serve at 3-2, Zane now had a chance to even up the game. Zane's got kids, so it didn't take him long to come up with the answer for this one: "PlayStation Portable." The score was now even at 3-3.

Question 8: Which member of the onion family sounds as if you might need a plumber to fix it? - Greg

Not knowing the answer, Greg smartly passed over to Zane, not wanting to give him any hints. Zane was not able to guess it either. Free Beer then had to nudge him toward the correct answer of "Leek." Guess no one is much of a cook.

Question 9: How many pawns are there on a chessboard at the beginning of the game? - Zane

Both Zane and Greg got tripped up with this tricky question, forgetting to count the other row of pawns on the opposite side of the board!

Question 10: What is Japan's leading stock index? - Greg

Greg was able to get this one right away with "Nikkei" to take a 4-3 lead and put some real pressure on Zane.

Question 11: What term is given to ground that is frozen, even in the summer? - Zane

Zane tried a pretty good guess of "tundra," but Free Beer informed him that it was incorrect. Like any good Minnesotan worth his ice-melting rock salt, Greg was able to steal the question with a correct answer of "permafrost" and win!
The streak is over! For real this time! Greg wins 5-3! Everyone was happy about it!

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