While discussing the Olympics this morning, the guys watched a video of Dr. William Bell, the 90-year old world record holder in the pole vault for his age bracket. We'll be the first to admit, we had no idea there was even anything close to a 90-year age bracket for pole vaulting.

Despite the fact that the man pole vaulting was born before World War II, the guys seemed a little let down by the video. "He just makes it over," said Free Beer. "What's most impressive about this is that his arms didn't fall off," said Hot Wings. True to form, Zane complimented the old guy's muscle tone and helped put things in perspective a bit.

The guys then challenged Producer Joe to a stunt, convincing him that he could easily do what Dr. Bell has accomplished if he trained for it over a weekend. Joe tentatively accepted the challenge. It remains to be seen where the guys will be able to find some pole vaulting equipment for Joe to use.

Check Dr. Bell getting his vault on below:

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