Free Beer and Hot Wings laughed at the expense of a Mr. Lowell Turpin this morning. Turpin, a man from Claxton, Tennessee, was recently accused of assaulting his girlfriend over a photo of Mitt Romney that he found on her Facebook page.

Apparently Turpin failed to recognize one of the two men running for President of the United States of America, instead deducing that his girlfriend must be having an affair with a handsome older man. Understandably, the guys did not show Turpin any mercy.

After everyone called up his photo online, Hot Wings observed that "He just looks stupid." Free Beer chimed in as well, noting that, "His goatee is not on his normal chin, it's on a fat chin below it."

Turpin apparently has a history of violence, as his girlfriend stated that he had become violent with her "multiple times over several years" according to the Anderson County Sheriff's report.

"What a minger. We haven't used that term in a while... but what a minger," said Zane.

Did Turpin deserve the ridicule he received from the guys? The correct answer is YES!