One of the highlights of today's show was Free Beer, Hot Wings and Zane watching a clip of 'Fox & Friends' host Gretchen Carlson try and deal with an interview gone bad. The awkward-fest kicked off from the get-go, as she attempted to question what she thought to be a recent college graduate and former Obama supporter.

"I'm sure he gave all the right answers to the producers," said Free Beer. "This was a total dupe job."

The young man was supposedly Max Rice, disenfranchised young voter. But it soon became clear that he was something else all together after he started things off by greeting Carlson with a "Hello, Miss USA."

"She likes that he referenced that," said Zane.

Turns out that Max Rice is actually more interested in pulling off an amazing prank. "He's in Ryan Lochte mode, that's the kind of character he's playing," said Hot Wings, accurately nailing the type of character that Rice was playing.

Carlson tried to make it through more of the interview, but Rice stuck to his bro guns and continued to be aloof and act uninterested.

"It's amazing how long she lets this go on," said Zane.

Carlson finally had to end the interview, telling Rice that he's "not ready for prime time," before shutting things down. We beg to differ.

"I think Max is about as ready as he's gonna get," said Free Beer.

Check out the video, via Fox News:

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