The guys welcomed "The Flying Tomato" himself, Mr. Shaun White, to the show this morning with a tomato song. Free Beer joked that there weren't enough tomato songs out there and that White should consider creating an album.

Zane then chided White by wondering if he was "one of those athletes that does different things and makes everybody annoyed." White responded by saying that he was considering "some sort of hair care line" before joking that he had decided on "just lip gloss. All lip gloss."

White talked about returning from the Summer Olympics in London and how it was a bit of an odd experience to watch the games, rather than compete in them. "It just tripped me out to be on the other side of things," said White, noting that it was weird "watching people win medals," and thinking to himself, "That's gotta be cool."

Free Beer then brought up a new line of chewing gum that White was involved with and asked him what that process was like. White said that it was strange to be in the testing room, talking seriously about gum. "It was like wine tasting, but for gum," said White.

Hot Wings chimed in, saying that it "seems hilarious to have you and no doubt a bunch of other cool people sitting around a table with all these egghead gum chemists." Everyone laughed at the joke before White said that the testers threw in "some hail mary [flavors], like ... asparagus."

White went on to mention that he heard they were talking about "putting skateboarding in the Summer Olympics." Zane was immediately on board with this, suggesting that it could replace some of "the crap-fest events they have there." Free Beer offered a quick suggestion of "speed walking."

The guys thought that it would probably take a long time to implement it if it was actually going to happen. White said that he's not lobbying for it, but is definitely in support of skateboarding in the summer games.

Free Beer thanked White for a great interview and then played him off with one more tomato song.

If you want to listen to the interview, check it out here.

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