If you want to add a touch of class, mixed in with a natural rustic look to your garden, you might want to think about building, buying or carving out (with a chainsaw) an assortment of furniture made from, or at least incorporating, tree trunks.

The thickest part of the tree trunk, and solid tree stumps, are superb building materials for some very chic, or down-home appearing (tastes differ) outdoor seating and tables. Here are a few ideas about how to procure, or produce your very own tree trunk furniture.

Do-It-Yourself Tree Stump Tables

If you happen to have a few old tree stumps (not rotting, though) lying around, or that should be dug up, you’re already on your way to owning some wonderful tree trunk furniture. After you dry the stumps or large sections of trunk out, level them off and remove the gouges. Then you’ll be ready to sand and coat them with whatever wood stain catches your eye. After that, presto, your lovely stump or tree trunk table will be ready. If you're unsure about the tools you’ll need, you can find plenty of helpful, step-by-step guides online.

Tree Trunk Tables With Wheels


Try and get you hands on a large, sawed-off section of thick tree trunk. The more work that has been done on it (sanding, staining, etc.), the more refined it will look. If the saw mill can level it off for you, great, otherwise you’ll have to take on that job for yourself. Then, if you want a mobile coffee or drink table that you can wheel inside and out—all you have to do is attach several trolley wheels to the bottom of your tree trunk. Think about the grocery carts you push around the supermarkets. The better the quality of rotating wheel you select, the easier it will be to move your section of tree trunk about.

Purchasing Tree Trunk Tables and Chairs


Plenty of artisans and wood workers produce some exceptionally beautiful tree trunk furniture. If you’re not good with a regular saw or chainsaw, or just don’t have the time to make furniture on your own, you can find plenty of outlets with large selections of tree trunk chairs and tables available.


You can opt for simple outdoor seating or full dinning sets, as well as stools and tables both large and small—all created with incredible imagination, skill and design. Of course, prices vary, and can set you back a few hundred dollars, or cost thousands of dollars. How much you’re willing to dish out to the creative folks building your oh-so-natural looking garden furniture is up to you.