Being in the market for a new job means posting your résumé online. This seems like obvious information, but if you haven’t yet posted your résumé anywhere, stop reading this and get it up on the Web as soon as possible. Or, better yet, finish reading this first and then post it. That way you’ll at least know where to begin in the very crowded world that is online résumé sites.

Experts disagree on the practice of papering the Internet with your résumé versus being more selective with where you post it. Some will tell you that anytime a person looks at your résumé, you’ve got a chance at a job, so you want as many opportunities as possible. Others will say that you want to choose specific sites on which to post your résumé so that you have more control over who sees it. If you want to tailor your résumé to specific job descriptions or have the opportunity to follow up when someone checks out your résumé, be selective about where you post it and pay attention to who’s looking at it.

That said, here are some places where you should definitely post your résumé:


If you’ve watched the Super Bowl at all in the last five years, you know about They aren’t just good at making amusing commercials, they’re also the best known website for posting your résumé. Get your résumé up there and make it public for greater exposure in employer searches. The site will also tell you how many times employers have looked at your résumé so you can assess whether or not you’ve got enough of the right keywords in it.


Another résumé site with excellent employer traffic is If you’ve loaded your résumé onto Monster, then it’ll be easy to upload it to CareerBuilder. You want to list it there as well because at least 300,000 employers check it out regularly. This site is different because it will scan your résumé for keywords and generate job recommendations for you. You can even set it up to email you regularly with results for job search terms you predetermine.


The first two sites might be more well known among employers, but is actually the largest site for posting your résumé. The site is simple, with few bells and whistles, but posting on it is definitely worth your while. It’s free for employers to search the database, so you’re sure to get a lot of exposure. And, if you’re curious about whether or not your résumé has the right keywords, you can do the free search yourself and see if it comes up.


LinkedIn is more than just a job-search site. LinkedIn is a great place to build your network and see how far your current network also reaches. The process for posting your experience is a little different from the other sites, but they make it easy to include keywords and skills and experience that others in your network can endorse. The site will also make your profile into a professional-looking résumé and tell you who’s been looking at it so you can follow up.


While those are the four biggest websites for posting your résumé and getting noticed, there are tons more where you can build, assess and post your résumé for employers to find. One thing you should definitely do is look for a site that is specific to your particular industry. There are all kinds of industry-specific sites that can help you hone your search. Sites like for engineering and construction, for jobs in the legal field, or for jobs in the nonprofit world. Look around a bit and find a site that’s directed at the industry in which you want to work.

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