Do you despise clocking in each day?

You’re not alone.

A new survey has found that 70% of Americans workers dislike their jobs.

The Gallup poll divided the 100 million Americans working full-time into three distinct categories.

First up are the actively engaged folks, who are dedicated to their craft and work hard. The survey says there are 30 million of them crawling around.

Second are the 50 million workers who are not engaged. They're the ones who show up, do what they need to do and go home. Basically, they’re "going through the motions."

The third and final group is made up of 20 million actively disengaged souls, which is really just a very nice way of saying bad employees. These people “undermine their companies with their attitude” and costs their firms up to $550 million annually.

No word on what category the pollsters who conducted the survey fall into.

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