Is there a topic that can incite more debate than tipping?

A new CouponCabin survey of 2,130 people touched on the issue of tipping and the rules you should follow when you do tip.

There are always arguments about who should receive tips, so here’s a list of jobs and the percentage of people who feel they must tip them. Let the debate continue!

  • Restaurant staff (including wait staff, take out coordinator, maitre d’)– 87%
  • Hairstylist – 69%
  • Bartender – 62%
  • Taxi, car or limo driver – 60%
  • Valet – 54%
  • Bellhop – 52%
  • Beauty treatment provider (manicures, pedicures, waxing, etc…) – 41%
  • Home delivery (new furniture, appliances, etc…) – 38%
  • Spa treatment provider (massages, facials, skin treatments, etc…) – 35%
  • Restroom attendant – 22%

About 26% of people who use coupons give tips based on the post-coupon total, while 30% admit to not tipping at all when the service they receive is below average. Half say they leave a smaller tip than normal to prove a point after getting poor service.

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