Water adds so much to a garden. And while ponds and pools are nice, the trickle and splash of an active fountain breathes fresh air and even a bit of a mystical quality into your garden oasis. When it comes to choosing or building a fountain for your garden, there are many options available to you. Some of these options can be quite complex (if you so desire), but they don’t have to be.

Depending on your time, budget and level of building skill, you can erect a fountain to rival the best in Rome (okay, that might be pushing things a little), or perhaps something a bit more humble, yet still full of outdoor charm. Here are a few ideas to help you along your way in creating the fountain you desire:

Wall Fountains


Wall fountains come in all shapes and sizes. They’re great for larger gardens and smaller ones alike. Classical designs abound, as do sleek styles with modern-looking curtains of water streaming down glass, stone, rock and brick, or even open air. There are plenty of guides online that can help you build your very own wall fountain, but f you’re not into building one from scratch, there are kits you can buy or already-completed fountains. Of course, you can always call a contractor and have him or her install the fountain for you. No matter what course you choose, a wall fountain is almost guaranteed to help you enjoy your garden even more.

Three-Tier Fountain


You can pick up a three-tier fountain, which can be reminiscent of something you might find in a colorful courtyard in Seville, Spain, for under $400. If you want a bigger “splash" for your buck, you can always dish out some extra money for an even grander fountain. Why limit yourself to the traditional three-tier design when you can opt for four or five tiers? Regardless of the number of tiers you decide upon, a cascading tiered fountain is a wonderful option when you want to add a refined look to your garden.

Ceramic Pot Fountain

Here's a fountain you can build fairly easily. You’ll need to purchase some basic tools and materials, like a large ceramic pot, fountain kit, rubber stoppers and drill (if you don’t have one already). After that, go through a few step-by-step guides and build yourself a nifty ceramic pot fountain. The bigger the pot or jar, the larger your fountain will be, of course. Check out different fountain plans, and don’t be afraid to use your imagination.

Birdbath Fountain

Who doesn't like to see the little birds twittering about the fresh water flowing in and out of a birdbath fountain? While the diehard do-it-yourself crowd out there could build one of these water-based art pieces for themselves, there are tons of premade designs you can purchase and install with relative ease. With a few pointers from your local gardening expert, or the Internet (always check out more than one how-to guide), you can have your birdbath fountain up and running in no time at all. If the birds visiting your backyard could talk, they would surely thank you for your efforts.

Rock-Pond Fountain


A cool rock-pond fountain is something you can buy prefabricated or build yourself. The selections here are endless. In many ways a rock-pond fountain can be similar to a three-tier fountain, although rather than making use of concrete or other classical materials, the fountain is constructed out of rocks (fake rocks for some store-bought options).

Illuminated pools, simple or elaborate designs, and a natural-looking feel are just some of the creative ways a rock-pond fountain can add to the playful or soothing ambiance of your Zen-like garden. With a water pump, some good-size rocks, and a little knowhow, you’ll soon be enjoying one of these wonderful fountains at home for yourself.