Two of baseball's biggest villains caught the eyes of the sports world Wednesday afternoon when Alex Rodriguez stormed out of his arbitration hearing after finding out that Major League Baseball commissioner Bud Selig would not be testifying at the hearings. Is Selig or Rodriguez the bigger villain?

Rodriguez, who is fighting Major League Baseball to reduce his 211-game suspension, has already admitted to taking PEDs in the past and was involved in some way with Anthony Bosch, whose Biogenesis clinic has further compromised the integrity of the sport. To say that he isn't liked by the majority of baseball fans would be an understatement.

Selig, meanwhile, is partially responsible for the steroids era in baseball. His turning a blind eye to rampant steroid use in the 1990s helped shape a league where Brady Anderson could hit 50 home runs in a season without anyone so much as batting an eye. Bud also gets some bonus villain points for allowing the 2002 All-Star Game to end in a tie.

Who is the bigger villain: Selig or A-Rod?

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