Jack Taylor of Division III Grinnell College broke triple digits again, scoring 109 points in a 173-123 win over Crossroads. Are you more impressed with his performance or Heidelberg University's Cartel Brooks 465 rushing yards?

Taylor, who once scored 138 points in a game, is clearly a lights out shooter. He shot 24-for-48 on threes in this game, and 35-for-70 overall in 29 minutes of play. All of that shooting presumably gets exhausting and to have the endurance to continue firing away at such a high percentage is impressive in its own right.

Brooks, meanwhile, set the all-division NCAA record for rushing yards in a single game with 465 on 38 carries. He broke a record that was set earlier this season by Western Connecticut's Oktavious McCoy, who rushed for 455 yards in a game.

Which feat is more impressive?

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