Miami Heat superstar Dwyane Wade has sold a sitcom based on his life to Fox, to the surprise of pretty much everyone. But which athlete's life would make the best sitcom?

Tiger Woods instantly comes to mind when discussing athletes whose lives would make great comedies. It wouldn't be a hard sell to get people to watch a program where a recovering sex addict lived with his girlfriend, encountering a tremendous number of old flames each and every day.

Rob Gronkowski's life would make for a great sitcom, too, given that his personality and antics off of the field are more or less identical to 'Blue Mountain State' character Thad Castle. Plus, he already has a signature catchphrase, "Yo Soy Fiesta," which would eliminate the need for writers of the show to have to come up with one.

A sitcom based on Michael Jordan's current situation would be hard not to watch, as well. An athlete unanimously considered to be the best in the history of his sport, Jordan is now in charge of the band of misfits known as the Charlotte Bobcats. His experiences trying to turn them into a competent basketball team would be highly entertaining.

Of course, there's also A-Rod. Then again, his life is sounding more and more like a tragedy...

Which sports figure's life would make the best sitcom?

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