Sure, college isn’t for everyone, but you know what is? A good salary.

There are plenty of careers where you don’t need to go to college and can still earn a nice living. has ranked the best jobs that don’t require a college degree, using data from the Department of Labor and Bureau of Labor Statistics that takes into account “environment, income, stress and outlook, or expected employment growth through 2020.”

Short of skipping college to play in the NBA, most of us have to search high and low for a good high-paying job. But they do exist. We live in an increasingly digital world, so it should come as no surprise that web developer topped the list, easily bringing in more income than the second job in the study, communications equipment mechanic.

Here’s a look at the list, along with each occupation’s median salary:

1. Web developer - $75,660
2. Communications equipment mechanic - $54,710
3. Electrician - $48,250
4. Paralegal assistant - $46,680
5. Plumber - $46,660
6. Industrial machine repairer - $44,160
7. Glazier - $36,640
8. Automobile body repairer - $34,660
9. Administrative/executive assistant - $34,660
10. Bookkeeper - $34,040
11. Pest control worker - $30,340
12. Skincare specialist - $28,920
13. Receptionist - $25,240
14. Hair stylist - $22,500

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