If you’re looking for a job, you’ve probably got your résumé online and you may even be attending career fairs. Whether you have a little or a lot of experience in your industry, there are certain working skills that all recruiters—no matter what job they’re trying to fill—are looking for in a candidate.

These are skills you can learn or improve in yourself and these are skills that translate across industries. Every person in every industry can improve their chances of landing that perfect job by cultivating these five important skills:


At the top of the list of working skills that recruiters look for is communication. Candidates who can demonstrate strong verbal and written communication skills, as well as the ability to listen and understand, have a better shot at any given job. It’s important to be able to communicate your message efficiently and effectively. It’s also important to be focused and clear, to have the ability to tailor your message to your audience. Employees who can express ideas and thoughts in an intelligent and persuasive manner are good for the bottom line.

Problem Solving

Another helpful skill to have under your belt is the ability to take the initiative and solve problems quickly and effectively. Every employee, whatever his or her level in the company, has to react to challenges on a regular basis. If you can demonstrate that you approach problems in a logical and analytical way and can think on your feet while looking at issues from different angles, you will have a good chance at landing any job you’re after.

Commercial Awareness

Having a commercial awareness of your industry, or the industry you are hoping to get into, will go a long way toward getting that offer. Knowing how the market affects the business of the company where you want to work, and how your job in that company will relate to the industry as a whole, will show that you will know how to make the best decisions when the time comes. Learn the economic factors that affect your business and understand what makes the company you’re applying to tick, and then be ready to show it.


Candidates who can show they have the skills to lead others usually move to the front of the line with company recruiters. Leadership skills are demonstrated when an applicant has confidence, listens attentively and has strong decision-making skills. A person who can lead a team has a lot of growth opportunities inside an organization and is very attractive to a recruiter. Being able to motivate people, lead by example and bring good ideas to the table and see them to fruition can bring a leader straight to the top.


Teams can be large or small, but if you work with people, you work on a team. So, a smart candidate must demonstrate the ability to work as part of a team. Recruiters want to know that you can collaborate with people from a variety of backgrounds. You need to prove that you can delegate, take on responsibility and manage others and the process. No employee is an island, so the better you are at achieving goals with others, the more likely you are get that dream job.

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