When you're a young, multi-platinum pop star, how many fragrances do you need?

For Britney Spears, the answer is "at least 10" -- she's releasing her 10th perfume, named Cosmic Radiance, via Elizabeth Arden. "It’s all about having the power and confidence to be yourself," explained Spears. "When I wear my new scent, Cosmic Radiance, I feel beautiful, empowered and sexy."

According to the company's description of the perfume, Cosmic Radiance is "inspired by a star which twinkles brighter than all other stars, a star of a distant galaxy, far away from this world."

And what does all that twinkling smell like? "Strong and optimistic citruses, and a refreshing glittery red bouquet opening its fragrant petals in the very heart of the composition. Base notes twinkle and warm with notes of amber, soft vanilla and creamy sandalwood."

Cosmic Radiance will be available at Kohl's and other select stores for $39.50 a bottle.

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