You've got to take it with a heavy grain of salt, considering the source, but rumors are circling that large numbers of seats are going unsold on Britney Spears' Femme Fatale tour -- despite heavy discount deals being offered by Groupon.

According to a report published in the National Enquirer, Spears isn't even aware of the Groupon deals. A source says "Britney thinks everything is going great" and calls her "clueless." Insults aside, it does seem unlikely that LiveNation would be offering half-off tickets to the shows if they were selling out at their regular prices.

LiveNation, of course, insists it's all a bunch of bunk. "Offering a deal on Groupon is not a reflection of the quality or status or sales of a show," said a spokesperson for the company,  who called the deals part of their approach to "segmented marketing and a way to reach new and additional consumers."

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