She may have spent the early aughts forgetting things - like how to ignore paparazzi or that it's a good idea to wear shoes in a public restroom - but there's one thing Britney Spears hasn't forgotten: the importance of her fans.

Speaking with Entertainment Tonight on the eve of her current tour, Spears emphasized her gratitude for her fanbase, saying, "If it wasn't for them, I wouldn't be here. I'd have no records sold. I am so dedicated to them. They make you feel larger then life. It's beautiful. My fans mean everything."

Britney has had a pretty good run as a recording artist, but nothing lasts forever - and with her onetime rival Christina Aguilera currently reclining in a judge's chair on NBC's hit singing competition series 'The Voice,' it seems only natural to ask if Spears would ever be interested in following suit.

"Of course," she replied. "That would be fun. Anytime you can share or help someone else achieve their dream is one of the most beautiful things."

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