It's an old music business saying that you get your whole life to write the songs for your debut album, and then you get six months to put together the follow-up. But if you have to write on the clock, you might as well have an expert set of ears listening to the results, right?

The Band Perry has had an opportunity to do just that -- while writing and rehearsing new material on the road with Tim McGraw, the sibling trio was happy to discover their megaplatinum headliner listening in.

"We were actually playing some brand-new songs [in our dressing room] that we have been working on," band member Kimberly Perry told Taste of Country, "and out of the corner of our eye we saw this figure in a cowboy hat. I didn’t think much about it, so we finished our song and we turned around, and it was Tim. He was standing there listening to our new music. We’re just really keen to pick his brain about what he feels like great songs are and try to get his ears around it."

The young act has also learned by observing McGraw and their previous tourmate, Alan Jackson. "One thing that I appreciate so much is their golden years," says Kimberly, adding, "Those guys know a great song."

They've acquired a deeper sense of responsibility for their fans, too. "Night after night [McGraw] talks about how the economy is bad and people have put down their hard earned dollars to be there," Kimberly observed. "He wants to put on a great show for them -- technically, musically. He’s just been a real inspiration. He’s an amazing performer."

The Band Perry will be on the road with Tim McGraw through the middle of August. For a complete listing of tour dates, visit their official site.

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