Jeremy Robinson is the host of Taste of Country Nights, a syndicated radio show that airs on 41 stations across the United States on weeknights. Radio has been his passion since the age of nine, when he “hosted” a show out of his bedroom. After almost 16 years on the air, country music isn’t just his job — it’s also his passion.

First off, WOW! Thank you for your support and interest in my new daily blogs. I love being able to connect with you here every day and get your opinions on what is going on in this crazy world we live in.

Do you read those supermarket tabloid magazines? People, Us Weekly, etc.? I can't help but be curious about what is happening with my favorite reality star or country artist, but I have to wonder -- are we adding to the chaos in their lives, and the utter disregard as to how these people are treated, just because we want to know more?

Last night on the show we discussed the new rumor about Tim McGraw's "secret son" that everyone is talking about. Does anyone care if this hits too close to home for Tim --  as he was a "secret son" himself? I don't know about you, but I feel a responsibility to pass up on those magazines and even websites that choose to exploit and just step on the hearts of public people just for the sake of a page view click or an easy buck.

How would you feel?

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