Our crush today is, to steal an expression from our mothers, a living doll. Literally, a living doll. Little is known about this beauty that looks like a real-life Barbie except the fact she is A) real B) creepy in a sexy way or possibly the other way around and C) from Russia. WHAT A COUNTRY!

Russian Barbie puts to rest the ridiculous claim that it would be physically impossible for a real woman to have Barbie's actual measurements. A woman would be over six feet tall with a 39″ bust, 18″ waist and 33″ hips in order to live up to the Barbie standards. Well, Russian Barbie seems to be doing just fine. She is standing upright in all these photos. Leaning in a couple, but upright for the most part. Thesis refuted.

We love Russian Barbie for going to the extreme to look like her favorite plastic doll. We're sure women would love it just as much to find a real life Ken. From the waist up of course. There are PLENTY of real Ken dolls walking around from the waist down. Am I right ladies?!? High-five!

Russian Barbie Double
Russian Barbie Doll Reading
Real-Life Russian Barbie


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