Good news, Loudwire Fans!

Your wristbands, camping and parking passes are shipping soon!

We will start to ship wristbands from Loudwire Music Festival in just two weeks, starting Friday, May 29th and will continue through Friday, June 12th.

Once we put your wristbands in the mail, we’ll send you a UPS tracking number so you can follow their journey from us to you. When you receive your wristband and/or passes, read the enclosed instructions very carefully to learn how to activate them and take care of them! If purchased, separate Camping and Parking Passes will also be included. Visit to register all of your wristbands and passes.

Why register? Wristband, Camping and Parking activation protects you in case you lose your wristband, it is stolen, or it simply stops working. Only the person who registers their wristband or the original purchaser can be issued a replacement wristband. We don’t know it’s yours unless you activate it. Also, only valid, authentic wristbands will be able to be activated, so you’ll know right away that your pass is working.

Please note: All wristband orders placed after June 12th will automatically be sent to our Will Call Box Office and Campground Toll Booths located on-site at the festival. WE WILL NOT MAIL OUT WRISTBANDS IF THEY ARE ORDERED AFTER JUNE 12TH!

If you are receiving Shuttle Passes, there is no need to activate your shuttle wristband.

For more information, click here.
Still have questions? Check out our FAQ page for RFID Bands here.