Headwaters Country Jam at The Bridge kicks off in just a few days. Cat Country is excited to see the headliners Clint Black, Trace Adkins, and Uncle Kracker at the festival, but Cat Country wants to introduce you to some of the other hot, new country acts that will be at the festival.

Meet Jessica Lynn

Despite being a Brooklyn, New York native, up and coming Country artist, Jessica Lynn has true southern style. The 24-year-old singer-songwriter is currently hitting some of America’s biggest country music festivals and sharing stages with Country superstars like Tim McGraw, Keith Urban, The Band Perry, and Toby Keith.

Why You Should Care

She’s been called “The Next Shania.”

Musical Background

Jessica learned to play piano at an early age, which is when she developed a deep love of music. She was determined to follow in her parents’ footsteps (her mom was a backup singer and her dad played bass in a band).

Meet Blackjack Billy

Noll Billings, Rob Blackledge, and Jeff Coplan all came to Nashville with a dream, but it wasn’t until they met Drummer Brad Cummings that they realized their goal was within reach. After gaining traction with their 2013 breakout hit “The Booze Cruise,” Blackjack Billy is well on their way to heating up the Country scene once again with their next single.

Why You Should Care

If you’re looking for a real and raw Country band, Blackjack Billy would be it. These guys do it all - from writing their own songs, to playing their own instruments, and even driving their own tour bus to their live shows!

Listen Up

"Why God Made Summertime" paints the perfect image of summertime in America, and is the brand new single from this Nashville-based quartet. This song proves once and for all that the band is capable of more than just party jams.

Meet Granger Smith

This seasoned Indie artist is all about telling a story with his songs. Granger Smith has been part of the music scene since he was a teenager and is already on his seventh (yes, seventh) album. What he prides himself on though is his constant ability to push limits all while trying to reinvent the face of traditional Country music.

Why You Should Care

In addition to his music career, Smith has been devoted to promoting military awareness and patriotism. He’s appeared for multiple tours in Iraq and Kuwait, and participates in an annual 100-mile solider walk. Most recently he partnered with The Boot Campaign.

He’s A Character

The thing about Granger Smith is that you never know which version of him you’ll get. While filming a YouTube video, Smith and his brother created an alter ego named Earl Dibbles, Jr, who’s a supersized, muddy boots wearing, tobacco chewing Texan.

With such great artists, you don’t want to miss it. Join us at Cat Country at Headwaters Country Jam – tickets are still available at HeadwatersCountryJam.com!