Loch Ness. Big Foot. A thin Kirstie Alley. All myths with no concrete proof of their existence. Time to take a name off the list of things that people aren't sure exist: The Uniboob. Oh it's real and The Today Show has the story. Every cringe-worthy detail.

Dinora Rodriguez, a 40-year-old stay-at-home mom from Los Angeles, went in for a simple cosmetic fix for her breast implants. Instead, she awoke from surgery with one large boob and some intense pain. According to experts this isn't that rare of a case. It's referred to as symmastia by people who work with boobs for a living. No, not strippers, doctors.

This all could have been avoided if Rodriguez did some research on her plastic surgeon. The doctor was not board-certified. MSNBC contributor Dr. Anthony Youn explains what probably went wrong.

Normally, breast implants are placed under the breast itself or under the muscle behind the breast, each nestled in a separate "pocket" created by the plastic surgeon. If the pocket is mistakenly made too close to the middle of the chest, though, the implant can work its way through the small opening, migrating towards its twin until both implants are "kissing."

Twin breasts kissing. Sounds so damn hot. If it only it wasn't so damn repulsive. We imagine twin breasts kissing is a fairly common sight for people who work with boobs for a living. Yes. This time we're referring to strippers.

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