Zoe Saldana is what happens when glamor has a torrid affair with talent. The New Jersey native is perhaps best known for her role as Britney Spears’ friend in the film 'Crossroads' 'Star Trek’s Lt. Uhura, but her breakout role was the sexy blue cat-lady Neytiri in 'Avatar.'

You may have also seen her in every movie released in the last three years. If there was a character who would happily beat you up without breaking a nail, that was Zoe.

She’s got a smile that could melt concrete and a figure that would make the devil quit his wicked ways. Her bathtub is on the National Register of Historic Places. She’s never been sick in her life, because germs would rather die than disrespect her body like that. When reporters ask her what ethnicity she considers herself, she has too much grace to admit she fell from Heaven. And oh, she's the face of Calvin Klein's 'Envy' lingerie.

This month she blasts into theaters with 'Colombiana,' which has us excited because producer and writer Luc Besson ('The Fifth Element,' 'The Messenger') knows a thing or two about tough-as-iron ladies and unstoppable assassins, both of which zero in on Zoe’s talents.

zoe saldana for calvin klein envy
zoe saldana holding guns in the losers


zoe saldana in avatar and on the red carpet

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