So a story that went viral online (and was exposed shortly thereafter as a hoax that originated from a satirical website) had a lot of people talking. The premise was that the American Psychiatric Association had officially deemed the excessive taking and posting of selfies as a legitimate mental disorder.

Listen, I'll probably never get tired of hot chicks flashing copious cleavage while giving the duck lips or even pumped up DudeBros doing DudeBro stuff with their bros out on the lake but there was a reason that so many people bit on this as a legitimate story. And you probably need look no further than your own Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts to know what I'm talking about.

After taking an informal survey from my reliable and not too demented dude friends I have news for the ladies afflicted with the so-called "Selfitis:" posting bikini shots non-stop will not land you a man to pay your bills.

Let's get back to posting the pics social media was designed for: your half eaten (delicious!) meal, your dog/cat/snake/bird/fish, your bad ass ride, or a photo of a sunrise/sunset with a meaningful affirmation/quote superimposed. Oh who am I kidding ... SHOW US YOUR BOOBS!

Here is the fake news story everyone posted about this "Selfitis."