Taylor Swift's confessional lyrics have inspired countless fans and helped her become one of the top-selling artists in the world -- and now she's using her current tour to pay tribute to the songwriters who've inspired her, in a most personal and unusual way.

During her most recent string of live dates, Swift has scrawled lyrics on her left arm with a Sharpie marker, but not from her own songs; instead, she's chosen lines from songs and artists she's found meaningful.

As Swift explained during a stop at Z100 in New York City, her list of arm-worthy artists has grown to include Matt Nathanson, Selena Gomez, Sugarland, Eminem, and Faith Hill. It's an eclectic bunch, but we'd expect no less from someone who's covered Justin Bieber and Bon Jovi during her latest shows.

Of course, when you've sold more than 20 million albums, pretty much everything you do is subject to scrutiny, so it should come as no surprise that there's a website dedicated to compiling the lyrics she's chosen since she started her North American tour. If you just can't get enough of Taylor Swift's arm lyrics, you're in luck. There's a website called (naturally) TaylorSwiftArmLyrics.com, dedicated to compiling the lyrics she’s chosen since she started her North American tour.

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