As the surgeon general helpfully details on every pack of cigarettes, there are many health problems associated with smoking. But here's a new one: Smoking can cause restless nights.

German researchers surveyed the sleep habits of 1,100 smokers and 1,200 non-smokers. They found that 17 percent of smokers report fewer than six hours of sleep a night and 28 percent suffer "disturbed" sleep quality. Among nonsmokers those percentages are 7 and 19, respectively.

Now this doesn't definitively prove that smoking affects sleep quality. Other factors—such as watching more TV or getting less exercise—may cause smokers' sleeplessness. However, nicotine is a stimulant, so it stands to reason that it could be the culprit among smokers who struggle to sleep.

"If you smoke and you do suffer from sleep problems, it is another good reason to quit smoking," explained Stefan Cohrs, who was the lead researcher on the study.

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