Did anyone get the impression from the new Elle magazine that Matt Damon might want someone to challenge President Obama on the Democratic side in 2012? [CAUTION: potty-language up ahead]. The 'We Bought A Zoo' star says he would have rather had "a one-term President with some balls who actually got stuff done." (No, why would anyone think Damon actually has a problem with the President?)

Apparently, the celeb also spoke with other people he knows at the grass roots level who are disappointed in the President as well. One of them allegedly told Damon he "would never be fooled by a politician again."

This isn't the first time Damon said something negative about Obama, and Obama knows it. The president even mentioned Damon's previous negative comments about his disappointment in the President's performance, saying he felt the same way about Damon's performance in 'The Adjustment Bureau.'

Don't take it too personally Obama, you're not the only person Damon has strong opinions about lately. In an interview in the new issue of GQ, Damon let 'The Bourne Ultimatum' writer Tony Gilroy have it. Damon says he turned in a script that was "embarrassing" and "unreadable" and had to be rewritten extensively.

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