Normally a lawsuit involving a fast food chain and a patron has something to do with the food. In the case of Martin Kessman versus White Castle the main complaint by Mr. Kessman is that the restaurant's booths aren't big enough. Online Dish explains how his local White Castle repeatedly broke promises to make the booths at his local franchise bigger.

“They’re stationary booths,” he told The Post. “I’m not humongous, [but] I’m a big guy. I could not wedge myself in.” Kessman was "mortified and in pain from smacking his knee into one of the table’s metal supports, Kessman limped out of the restaurant, and later penned a complaint to corporate headquarters."

Kessman received a response from White Castle corporate headquarters after each complaint. Instead of fixing the seating problem, as he claims they promised, each letter sent back to Kessman also included a coupon for three free hamburgers. According to documents in the lawsuit the "cheese on those burgers would be extra."

Normal human action would dictate that Kessman should stop going to the restaurant at all, but instead, Kessman found a work around until his problem is resolved.

"My wife went and picked up the burgers ... because I did not want to set foot into the store,” Kessman said. “Any subsequent trips to the store have been made by my wife -- I have been like an outcast.”

White Castle has "what you crave." As long as that craving isn't "room to eat."

White Castle Man

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