You might think it's hot now, but Mother Nature is just getting started.

Summer this year is set to hit much of the United States hard, according to a series of excessive heat warnings issued by the National Weather Service Thursday.

Central Indiana is expected to see its hottest weather since 1930, and folks in parts of Illinois, New Jersey, Ohio, Tennessee, Nebraska, Missouri, Indiana, Oklahoma and Kansas have been told to be mindful of the heat over the next few days.

Temperatures have already hit triple digits in Colorado, making it increasingly difficult to battle the ravenous wildfires across the state.

"If precautions are not taken… persons outside could suffer from heat exhaustion and potentially heat stroke. Heat-related illness can be life-threatening," warned the National Weather Service, adding that children and pets should never be left in vehicles during such conditions.

Forecasters expect the heat to linger over the next couple weeks, with highs remaining around 90 in much of the Northeast and pushing 100 in Midwestern states like Missouri and Colorado.

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