Lenny Dykstra's unlikely journey from all-star centerfielder to supposed financial wizard and businessman has landed the 49-year-old in jail.

The former Mets and Phillies star was sentenced to three years in California prison after pleading no contest to charges of grand theft auto and forging financial statements.

Dykstra attempted to change his plea at the last minute, but the judge refused to allow him to do that. Dykstra and his business partner had been accused leasing luxury cars from dealerships by claiming a third man as a co-signer, even though they had not been authorized to use his name.

While Dykstra will get credit for the year he has already served while awaiting trial, his legal troubles could be just beginning. He still faces federal bankruptcy charges, stemming from allegations that he destroyed and sold some of his property after declaring bankruptcy. That trial is scheduled for this summer.




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