Is Lady Gaga guilty of video piracy?

Well, not really. But she is guilty of a technical oversight that resulted in her popular YouTube channel getting the (temporary) hook.

As visitors to Gaga's YouTube digs discovered Thursday, it was "suspended due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube’s Copyright Policy" -- which is usually the type of thing you read on channels that pirate videos or clips from films.

What happened in Gaga's case is a little more complicated (and mundane): she posted her own performance on a Japanese TV network, apparently not realizing that she needed to secure the rights from a boy band that served as backup singers and dancers during her appearance.

So don't worry, Gaga fans. She isn't an intentional scofflaw, and it was all sorted out pretty quickly. In fact, her channel is already back up, as you can tell from this clip of Joe Jonas performing her song 'The Edge of Glory.'

Watch Joe Jonas performing Lady Gaga's 'The Edge of Glory'

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