It may have taken awhile for her to get there, but Lady Gaga delivered on her promise to appear on the Howard Stern show Monday-- and her interview with the legendary radio host did not disappoint.

After complimenting Gaga on her pants-free outfit by quipping "I don't like wearing pants," Stern questioned his chart-topping guest on a number of subjects, including her family, her past drug use, and -- of course -- her sex life.

She was born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, but as she explained during the interview, her Lady Gaga persona has pretty much taken over, to the point where, when she showed up in jeans and a sweater to visit her father in the hospital after his heart surgery, he told her "You look like hell. Go home, put a wig on, some make-up and come back when you look like yourself."

She also discussed the rumors about her relationship with her supposed boyfriend, Luc Carl ("What boyfriend?"), her early professional struggles and first success, and losing her virginity ("I think kids have sex way too young").

She also addressed the claims of her drug use, saying she doesn't use cocaine anymore, although she was "for sure addicted" at one point. "I regret every line I ever did, so to any of the little sweethearts listening, don’t touch it, it’s the devil!"

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