Kim Kardashian's family went into media overdrive on Tuesday, publicly stating their support for her and shooting down rumors her short-lived marriage to NBA player Kris Humphries, 26, was nothing more than a publicity stunt.

And on Tuesday night, Kim took to her blog to have a say, as well.

In a post titled 'A Message to My Fans,' the 31-year-old reality star said she was a "hopeless romantic," adding, "I love with all of my heart and soul. I want a family and babies and a real life so badly that maybe I rushed in to something too soon. I believed in love and the dream of what I wanted so badly."

She also indignantly brushed off all those whispers about her motives for getting married. "I married for love. I can't believe I even have to defend this," she wrote. "I would not have spent so much time on something just for a TV show!"

But she acknowledges she may have rushed into things, saying she felt like she was "on a fast roller coaster and couldn't get off when now I know I probably should have" and that she "got caught up with the hoopla and the filming of the TV show ... I probably should have ended my relationship, I didn't know how to and didn't want to disappoint a lot of people."

Despite numerous reports to the contrary, she claims she didn't make a penny off her wedding. And as for all those pricey wedding gifts she received, they won't be returned but she's making what TMZ reports is a $200,000 donation to the Dream Foundation.

In conclusion, she wrote, "I'm sorry if I have hurt anyone but my dad always told me to follow my heart and I believe now that I really am."

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