Meet July, a 25-year-old SuicideGirl from New York who lists her occupation as a professional wanderer and stripper and says her hobbies include selling panties and gardening. July says her vices include candy and kissing. We'd love to add help this hottie keep at least one of those 'bad' habits busy!


Name: July

Age: 25

Location: New York

Occupation: Professional wanderer, freelance anything, stripper,  note taker, current cocktail slave

Heroes: Avery Brooks and my grandmother

My idea of a good time: When I go out, ANYTHING can happen

Into: My bike, pie, fermentation, tattoos, sleeping with the windows open, pampering myself, selling panties, gardening, books, dancing, sourdough bread, clean rooms, getting lost, finding my way, making things, eating things, going places

Not into: Poor lighting, drugs, animal abuse, drugs, elitist attitudes, taking the easy way out

Makes me happy: Rain, Autumn, pain, gardens, dogs, cats, traveling the world, good coffee, calling home, tea, watching things grow

Makes me sad: Poor communication, citrus, animals peeing on my stuff, itchy tattoos, bad coffee, tourists

Hobbies: Wandering the planet, books, gardens, bikes, selling panties

Vices: Candy, food, travel, books, coffee, kissing

I spend most of my free time: Trying to figure out where I am, wondering what I'm doing with my life, making plans and wasting time

Favorite bands:

  1. Brand New
  2. Saves the Day
  3. Built to Spill
  4. Kate Bush
  5. Des Ark
  6. Metallica
  7. Converge
  8. Black Sabbath
  9. Russian Red Army Choir
  10. Bon Iver
  11. Top 40 Rap
  12. Eartha Kitt
  13. David Bowie
  14. Envy
  15. Sick Fix
  16. Explosions in the Sky
  17. Dusty Springfield
  18. Britney Spears
  19. Sebastian Telleir
  20. Ruiner
  21. R Kelly
  22. Taylor Swift
  23. Shadia
  24. France Gall
  25. PJ Harvey
  26. La Roux

Favorite films:

  1. 'Star Wars' (all of them)
  2. 'Full Metal Jacket'
  3. 'Harry Potter' (all of them)
  4. 'LOTR'
  5. 'Dirty Dancing'
  6. 'The Royal Tenembaums'
  7. '10 Things I Hate About You'
  8. 'Mean Girls'
  9. 'Rushmore'
  10. 'Dirty Rotten Scoundrels'

Favorite books:

  1. Gabriel Garcia Marquez
  2. Charles Henry Bukowski
  3. H P Lovecraft
  4. Ernest Hemingway
  5. 'Coin Locker Babies'
  6. 'War of the Worlds'
  7. 'Banana'
  8. 'The Heart of Darkness'
  9. 'The Satanic Verses'

Favorite TV shows:

  1. 'TNG/DS9'
  2. 'Battlestar Galactica'
  3. 'Grey's Anatomy'

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