Donald Trump is again feuding, this time with ‘Daily Show’ host Jon Stewart. He claims Stewart has gotten away with a "racist rant" after he made jokes about Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain.

Some people collect stamps, some collect coins. Trump collects enemies. The real estate mogul counts Rosie O’Donnell, Martha Stewart, Jerry Seinfeld, Marc Cuban, Bill Cosby, President Obama, Robert De Niro among the stars he’s found himself bickering with over the years. So, congrats to you, Jon Stewart – you’re merely the latest inductee into this not-so-exclusive fraternity.

To honor the Donald’s beef with Stewart and his chronic penchant for feuding with anyone who so much as breathes air he wanted for himself, here are 10 jokes all about the real estate mogul:

1. Donald's only so irritable because the hair on his head is tied too tight.

2. Donald is racking up enemies faster than he is ex-wives.

3. Well, there go Stewart’s chances of becoming the first A-lister to compete on ‘The Celebrity Apprentice.’

4. Good idea, Donald. Get into a war of words with an Emmy-winning comic beloved by millions. The public will take your side, for sure.

5. Donald Trump is so mad at so many different people he should be in the new comedy ‘Anger Management,’ instead of Charlie Sheen.

6. Donald says he would never go on a racist rant, but if he did, it would be the biggest, most-watched, highest-rated rant ever.

7. Donald needs to come down from his overpriced, soon-to-be developed, Central Park West ivory tower.

8. Trump went after Jon Stewart? You’ve been warned, Mr. Colbert.

9. Out of force of habit, Trump has also demanded Stewart show his real birth certificate.

10. Trump is the biggest bully since Scot Farkus in ‘A Christmas Story.’

11. Forget Occupy Wall Street. Let's Occupy Donald Trump's Mouth. We can probably fit more people in there.

12. Donald Trump gets into so many fights, it’s amazing he isn’t training for the heavyweight title.

13. There hasn’t been a TV star with this many enemies since Joan Collins played Alexis on ‘Dynasty.’

14. Trump is really starting to lose it. He also says Jon Stewart is ridiculous for spelling his first name without an “h.”

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