There have been many movies made from the life of Princess Diana, but that doesn't mean Jessica Chastain can't play her in yet another film.

Chastain, who's body of work includes roles on 'The Help,' 'The Tree of Life' and 'Law and Order: Trial By Jury,' is rumored to be in talks to star in one of three possible Diana movies called 'Caught in Flight.' This flick is said to delve into the late Princess of Wales' private life and focus on the relationship Diana was said to have with heart surgeon Dr. Hasnat Kahn.

Two other movies may also be seen in the future, including 'Diana,' which Scarlett Johansson or Keira Knightly might star in, and 'Closely Guarded Secret,' a movie that Charlize Theron is rumored to be up for.

The only question is, are audiences up for seeing three different movies on the life of Princess Diana or is it one or two too many?

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