Being banned for life from discount giant Walmart is a pretty harsh punishment for someone who embraces the growing trend of “extreme couponing.”

But that’s what allegedly happened to self-described extreme couponer April Cuavas, who claims she was banned from every Walmart in the nation after a confrontation with the store manager of Walmart’s Boise, Idaho location over the store's policy of matching the coupons of other chains.

According to the 45-year old, the manager told her that Walmart’s policy of “Ad Match” had changed, and she would have to pay Walmart’s stated price for her items.  When she began to record their conversation on her iPhone, things got weird.

First, she was told she must leave the store.  Then a plain-clothes Walmart employee pursued her to the parking lot, and told her to come back into the store because she had broken the law.

So she called the police.  But Walmart had beaten her to that, and the police informed her that she was no longer welcome at any Walmart.

Cuaves believes that it was her recording of the conversation that led to the ban.

"I didn't do anything wrong..." the mother of five told Fox 12 Idaho, "... and I would also like to go back to Walmart."


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