If you're a Disturbed fan who's, um, disturbed by the news of the band's impending hiatus, you can take comfort in the knowledge that guitarist Dan Donegan understands how you feel.

In fact, as he revealed during a recent interview with Billboard, this is the group's first extended break -- and he isn't sure how to feel about not knowing what comes next. 

"I don’t know if it will be six months or six years or whatever. I really don’t. It’s kind of scary to me to think, ‘What if we don’t return?’ That part of it bothers me," Donegan admitted.

But Donegan hastened to add that he fully expects Disturbed to return, louder and better than ever. "My hopes are if we’re away from it long enough we’re gonna want it that much more," he explained. "I like to think that as much as we’ve done together and how good the chemistry has been in the band, there’s going to come a time -- hopefully sooner than later -- that we’re gonna turn around and say, ‘Man, I f---in’ miss this. I want to get back there.’ I’ll be surprised if that doesn’t happen, really."

The band isn't going quietly, however. They're treating fans to a compilation of B-sides, titled 'The Lost Children.' "A lot of our favorite songs have been left off the albums for the purpose of hoping they’d see the light of day, find the right soundtrack or a sporting event or something where people would have a chance to get familiar with them," Donegan explained. "So this gives us a chance to get some of those songs out there, and hopefully fans will find some favorites on there for themselves."

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