She discovered the fountain of Electric Youth before her 20th birthday - and suffered the tragedy of walking to a Foolish Beat - so it seems safe to say Debbie Gibson knows a thing or two about life.

Gibson is now giving back by sharing her wisdom with today's crop of teen pop stars through her new Web series, 'What Would Debbie Do?'. Not that any of them asked, mind you, but who can turn up their nose at pearls like these?

To Justin Bieber: "What are you doing vacationing on a yacht with your girlfriend when [you're] 17 or 18 years old, anyway?"

To Miley Cyrus: "Don't be in a hurry to grow up. Honestly, there's a gazillion years to be an adult. I was hanging onto my childhood for dear life. I was wearing high top sneakers with my dresses, I was like, 'Ya know what? There’s gonna be plenty of years to wear high heels.'"

To Selena Gomez: "The more private you can keep your personal life the better."

It's easy to mock Gibson's chutzpah here, but hey, she's been in the teen-pop trenches and lived to tell the tale, and she isn't saying anything most of the rest of us haven't thought on occasion, right?

Debbie Gibson's Advice for Justin Bieber

Debbie Gibson's Advice for Miley Cyrus

Debbie Gibson's Advice for Selena Gomez

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