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How Technology Has Changed the Way We View Disasters [VIDEOS]
On Friday morning some footage of this tornado hitting Theodore, Alabama came across the wire. This sort of in-the-moment footage from the ground once was rare and came to us primarily from news cameras.
These days, everything is captured by security cameras and mobile phones and broadcast throughout…
St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland – Sober and Solemn?
While many people associate St. Patty's with heavy drinking and pub crawls, in Ireland, St. Patrick's Day is a historically solemn and sober holy day for Roman Catholics. Believe it. Until the 1970s, pubs were actually legally required to close up shop for the day.
Faces of Celebration in Egypt
There's jubilation on the street of Cairo, in response to the news that Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak will step down after 30 years in office. Check out a gallery from the celebration.
Amazing Video of Uncontacted Tribe in the Amazon
A few days ago, an amazing picture was released of members of one of the last uncontacted tribes, who live on the  border of Peru and Brazil. Now video has come out of the tribe, who are currently under threat from illegal logging in Brazil.
Not only are the loggers driving them off their lands, but …