Ever since Casey Anthony was acquitted of killing her young daughter and released from a Florida prison several weeks ago, her whereabouts have been kept secret to ensure her safety from members of the public angry about the verdict.

Now she's been spotted in Ohio, where she reportedly has relatives.

Photographs and video depict Anthony in an Ohio State baseball cap, sunglasses and jeans as she shops at an Old Navy and sips coffee from a Starbucks cup.

Her attorneys have been fighting an order for her to appear in a Florida court for a probation hearing stemming from a check fraud conviction before her murder trial, saying a return to the Sunshine State could put her in "great peril" and burden taxpayers with hefty security expenses.

Amid accusations of bias, the judge who ordered her return stepped down from the case on Wednesday. It will now be handled by Judge Belvin Perry, who presided over her murder trial.