And then there were five.

Ryan Seacrest told us at the top of the show that we would be disappointed with the outcome of tonight's results - and he wasn't wrong: In somewhat of a shocker, Casey Abrams was eliminated from 'American Idol.'

Of course, the elimination wasn't totally surprising, as Casey was actually eliminated on a previous episode. (He was then saved by the judges.) Even so, it didn't feel like it was his time to go, especially after his crowd-pleasing performance on Wednesday. Then again, it's a talented group of six, so tonight's results were guaranteed to have at least some shock value.

Once again, the 'American Idol' producers gave us a jam-packed results show. We saw the Idols go to the British Consulate to celebrate the royal wedding, where we learned that Casey Abrams does a terrible British accent. Viewers were also treated to a number of performances, from a group medley of Carole King hits, to season 9 runner-up Crystal Bowersox to Bruno Mars. The finalists also took time to answer questions sent in by viewers at home.

Much like the eliminated contestants from previous weeks, Casey left us on a positive note; going out in true style, he showcased his unique and fun personality that helped to define this season of 'American Idol.'

Do you feel Casey Abrams deserved to be eliminated? Will you miss his smooth and growly voice? Do you think he has a successful career ahead of him?

Voice your opinion now, and relive Casey's earlier performance of 'Nature Boy.'