With three nominated shows, NBC leads the pack for this category. Our money's on ABC, though, for a repeat from last year's winner 'Modern Family,' but NBC's critical darling 'Parks and Recreation' could pull an upset. Here are all the nominees:

  • 1

    Modern Family

    Odds: 2 to 1

    Ratings skyrocketed for the second season of last year’s Best Comedy Series winner. Cameron and Mitchell get thrown into parenthood, Claire and Phil work on keeping their relationship fresh as they raise three kids, and Jay and Gloria continue to work things out in their non-traditional marriage.

  • 2

    30 Rock

    Odds: 3 to 1

    This three-time Best Comedy Series winner ('Modern Family' ended its streak last year) focused on Jack Donaghy’s entrance into the world of fatherhood and Liz Lemon’s continued relationship with pilot Carol (Matt Damon). And everyone struggled with the NBC/Kabletown merger.

  • 3

    The Office

    Odds: 3 to 1

    In Steve Carell’s seventh and final season as Michael Scott, manager of Scranton’s Dunder Mifflin Co., he leaves the company to follow his new fiancée to Colorado. The office staff is left on their own to find a new office manager after fill-in Deangelo (Will Ferrell) is badly injured during a basketball stunt.

  • 4

    The Big Bang Theory

    Odds: 5 to 1

    In its fourth season, this show received its first Best Comedy Series nomination. 'Theory' was all about romance this season, with Leonard falling for Raj’s sister Priya, Sheldon finding a girlfriend and Howard and Bernadette continuing their relationship.

  • 5


    Odds: 6 to 1

    Two seasons; two Emmy nominations. This year, William McKinley High School’s New Directions glee club worked its way through local and regional competitions on its was to the national championship in NYC. As usual, the year was filled with relationship and social issues.

  • 6

    Parks and Recreation

    Odds: 8 to 1

    Critical reception was more positive than ever for the third season of this mockumentary-style sitcom, which follows the lives of parks department workers in Pawnee, Indiana. In season three, Leslie started dating coworker Ben, which violated workplace policy and put her dream of running for political office at risk.