The biggest sports news today: Super Bowl ratings were either great or not great, more on that (possibly) blown holding call, gamblers have been fixing soccer matches, and more.

The ratings for last night's Super Bowl are either up or down from last year, depending on whom you ask. About 108 million people watched, down from 111 million last year, but earned a 48.1 rating, up a point from last year. [CBS]

Ah, the Great 2013 Super Bowl Holding Call That Wasn't Called. 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh may still be furious about the non-call on Ravens cornerback Jimmy Smith, who seemed to grab Michael Crabtree in the closing minutes of the big game, but former NFL official Mike Pereira says it was probably the correct move by the officials. [Fox Sports]

Indiana returned to the top spot in the NCAA men's A.P. poll, the same position they began the season. The Hoosiers had a great week, with wins over Purdue, #13 Michigan State and then-top-ranked Michigan. [ESPN]

Europol, the European police agency, announced Monday that organized crime groups are behind the fixing of hundreds of soccer games, including World Cup matches. No names have been announced yet, but presumably the guilt will be widespread. [S.I.]

And in news the NFL probably would like you to forget (non-blackout, non-Holding Call category), it seems the victorious Ravens managed to lose the Vince Lombardi Trophy last night during celebrations. [USA Today]